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Laura Ivancie

On the evening of January 28th 2017, as a standing room only crowd at the iconic Doug Fir Lounge swayed and bobbed their heads in unison to the captivating, mesmerizing sound that emanated from the stage, a lone figure stood in a corner, watching and listening intently. At one point, about halfway through the first set, this grizzled, legendary musician was overheard by the author of this bio to say, in an almost inaudible voice, to everyone and no one: “Can’t teach that.” Indeed.

The words “Soulful,” “Eclectic,” “Seductive,” and more have all been used to attempt to describe Portland-born artist Laura Danielle Ivancie, but none of those words come close as she is all of those things and much, much more. Her shows reveal an uncommon range of musical abilities, highlighted by both an extraordinary ability to write and perform songs that resonate with audiences across the musical spectrum (reminiscent of the eclectic Dave Mathews) and an on-stage presence that literally must be seen and heard to be believed.



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