MICHA is the project of vocalist, songwriter, musical theater composer and actor Michelle J. Rodriguez. Born in Orlando, Florida to Puerto Rican parents and raised in Kirkland, Washington and Lexington, Kentucky, Rodriguez sings and writes songs that stab you in the heart but make you want to dance. Reminiscent of a folksy Tina Turner, a laid-back Whitney Houston or an indie Selena, MICHA has captivated audiences at Joe's Pub (NYC), the Hideout, Steppenwolf and Salonathon in Chicago with her stunning vocals and vulnerability onstage. Rodriguez starred in her original bluegrass/folk musical, East o', West o'! at ANTFest at Ars Nova in New York City this past June, which earned her a mention in The New Yorker.

Celebrating the release of the first single off of her debut EP out in March, MICHA will take you on a visionary journey through her musings on life, love, and homeland, all with powerful femme-centered vibes. This is an exciting chance to see MICHA in an intimate duo performance of original songs and old favorites in her two native languages, English and Spanish, with acclaimed guitarist Samuel Hasting.

Yadda Yadda

Yadda Yadda’s solo album has yet to be released, but you’ve heard her before. Yadda’s work as a songwriter and producer is embedded deep in Chicago’s sound; she’s written with artists like Jamila Woods, Kaina and M&O, written film music for Revive LLC, and arranged for the Chicago Children’s Choir in their work with Chance the Rapper. Her songs Has to Be and NUTS are featured in the first season of Brown Girls, a Chicago-based web series that’s gone internationally viral.
In her own songs, Yadda’s honest voice, musical virtuosity, and captivating stage presence have drawn crowds to Steppenwolf, Elastic Arts, Sofar shows and venues all over the city. The multi-instrumentalist chameleons from jazz to pop to soul, unafraid to explore new sounds and tell new stories. Her fans can’t wait to hear what she does next.


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