Green Milk From The Planet Orange

Green Milk From The Planet Orange

GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE was formed in 2001 with dead k, A and the 1st bass player, benjian at Tokyo, Japan.
2 demos were made by these line-up, then the 2nd bass player T joined in the band in 2003.
The band recorded their 1st full-length album in Milwaukee, WI and Tokyo and beta-lactam ring records at Portland OR released it in 2004.
The band also did the west coast tours twice in 2004.
in 2005, the band made 2nd full album "City Calls Revolution" in Brooklyn NY and started to do a big tour in the US many times until 2007.
But the 2nd bass player T left the band in 2007 and the band almost stopped until the summer of 2008.
The 3rd bass player Margarette H joined in the band in the middle of 2008 and started to play again.
But the drummer A stopped to play in GMFTPO, so the band stopped again at the end of 2008 and Margarette H left the band to devote to his own band 88kasyo junrei.

In 2015, dead k invited A to join his band called LOA which dead k was doing with the bass player Wadamori Yu.
LOA made an EP with these line-up in the spring of 2016.
Then the band made up their minds to restart GMFTPO once again with Wadamori Yu as the 4th bass player.
The band made the new song "Phoenix" as new GMFTPO then started play again from December 2016.
The band did many shows at many different places in Japan in 2017.
Then they are finally coming back to the US in 2018!


Mainly psychedelic improvisation.

Core members: Scott Verrastro (percussion, flute), Craig Garrett (bass), Scott Allison (electronics).

Vic Salazar (electric guitar)
Damian Languell (vocals, harmonica, clarinet, didgeridoo, Space Echo)
Ed Ricart (electric guitar)
Damian Languell (harmonica, vocals)
Jim Brophy (vocals, picture disc manipulation)
Layne Garrett (sax, electric guitar, electronics)
Paul Flaherty (sax, vocals)
Little Howlin' Wolf (saxes, harmonica, vocals)
Jason Simon (electric guitar)
Jeff Barsky (electric guitar)
Greg Svitil (electrid guitar, farfisa)
Damien Taylor (electric guitar)
VvGg or Vinnie van Go-go or V2G2 (electric guitar)
El Vic (electric guitar, electronics)
Luke Wyatt (electric guitar)
Zac Eller (electric guitar)
Jeff Zeigler (synth)

Northern Liberties

Northern Liberties are a three piece band consisting of drums, percussion, bass, and voices. Northern Liberties formed deep underground in the year 2000 as an outgrowth the West Philadelphia basement band scene. Brothers Justin and Marc Duerr, on percussion/vocals and drums, respectively, joined long-time friend Kevin with the idea of forming a band. The unusual instrumentation was a result of the three deciding to work with what and whom they were most comfortable with rather than bringing in other musicians - thus a new and idiosyncratic sound was forged, more out of practicality than any desire to be deliberately offbeat. Northern Liberties receive their music from an unnameable/indescribable dimension, which, while being impossible to accurately describe using any language including music, is most clearly shown in rough outline by the occult practice of musical realization.

$12.00 - $14.00


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