Dante Elephante is an indie surf pop quartet from Santa Barbara, California.

Santa Barbara surf rats, Clean Spill, might come off reserved but their home brewed mixture of garage flavored punk rock and power pop is where they let it all out. Getting a cue from influencers like, the Growlers, The Strokes, and Twin Peaks, Clean Spill dishes out a tasty blend of crisp, indie, surf rock that is totally indicative of their lifestyle.

Led by surf industry royalty, Pat Curren, on vocals (his father is three time world champion, Tom Curren), Geoff Shea on bass, Cameron Crabtree on guitar and Charlie Fawcett on drums, this low key quartet started playing their instruments when they were tiny groms in between catching waves.

Made Up People

Made Up People is an indie rock band based out of Santa Barbara, CA. The band's founding members began playing in the garages of Isla Vista in 2011 and have since developed a unique sound steeped in psych rock, layered vocal harmonies, and beachtown vibes.


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