Tune-in, Turn-on. TROP OUT Volume 2

Plaid Hawaii

Tropidelic progressive dance music. Elements of House, Indie Dance, Psychedelic and funk all blended into an evolving breath of music.

Purple Tokyo

Purple Tokyo explores the dark and mysterious places of the mind and yet maintains a sense of fun, feel-good excitement throughout. Bred by two brothers in the gritty corners of
Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, the project synthesizes various sounds from their lived Mexican-American experience. Listeners may also note a kinship with deep house, reggaeton, new wave, and vapor-wave genres.

The project desires for a musical experience that will sway emotions from one extreme to another. This experience is especially amplified in their live performances which feature collaborations with musicians, visual artists, and film-makers, including DJ Trentino, Galante El Emperador,
Daniel Kelleghan, and Tess Finley.

Purple Tokyo’s recent achievements include winning Pilsen Battle of the Bands 2017 for a spot at Pilsen Fest, and a 2016 Chicago Nightlife Award for “Best Producer/Remixer.”



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