The Permagrins, SANGRE DEL SOL

The Permagrins

We are a genre-bending band of Multi-Instrumentalists who fuse elements of Shoegaze and
Noise Punk with high energy Grunge, Punk Rock and Psychedelic Rock. We enjoy playing shows of all
shapes and sizes, from house shows and bars and beyond. We are based in Woodland Hills C.A and
are very reflective of the environment in the San Fernando Valley. Many of our songs are centered
around subjects such as the metal illness/ psychopathic mentality in those who desire or have
power, Depression/Comedy, New age thinking/ Spiritualism/reincarnation, Death, Recursion. We are
dedicated to preforming high energy, reverberant, delayed out face-melting live shows that both
pumps the audience up and that surprises them with different sound. You can follow us on
Facebook or Listen to our songs via Bandcamp.


A project between Michael Procaccini and Christian Tinoco



Upcoming Events
Silverlake Lounge