Chazz Giovanni

Born and raised in, New York. Chazz Giovanni was surrounded by a wide range of music growing up. Starting with Maxwell and Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, DMX and N'sync. Chazz’s idea of sound and palette for music was shaped at a very young age, resembling all different genres.

Performing in different venues all over the city and the West Coast. Chazz also picked up directing and writing stories, acting in them himself. A connection between music and acting. In addition to working on his own projects and ventures ThankYou,You'reWelcome™, Chazz linked with musicians like Quincy Vidal and Kahiem of The Universe Project, Tone Oliver, eNimaL, DJB, BEeff, Mann & PeaceLifeQualityRecordings™ working in Los Angeles, Chicago and Rhode Island.

Being inspired by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Imogene Heap, Notorious BIG, Cher, Big Pun, LL Cool J, Bjork and Big Daddy Kane to name a few, Similar to King Crimson, Chazz takes all different types of sounds and creates his own unique project and story with his music.

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