Illiterate Light, Dogwood Tales

Illiterate Light is an Experimental Indie Rock Duo coming out of the strange house show and social justice communities of Harrisonburg, VA. Singer/Guitarist/Bassist Jeff Gorman and Drummer/Singer Jake Cochran met in 2010 at a Flaming Lips concert and quickly jumped into the local music scene together, splitting time between organic farming and touring with several bands by bicycle. Formed in the summer of 2015, Illiterate Light was shaped using the confines of the duo line-up to push new creative avenues of expression; Gorman and Cochran shift from producing a huge rock sound to quiet and off-beat moments of vulnerability at the drop of a peach. Both members share a love of songwriting and recording structure, as well as a desire to make each live performance a visceral and memorable experience.

Dogwood Tales

Two best friends, who long to make emotional music, and travel forever.

Saw Black

I recorded and produced my debut record "Azalea Days" in my basement on a Tascam 388. It was mixed with the help of Adrian Olsen at Montrose and mastered by Allen Bergendahl. It will be out on Pete Curry and my record label Crystal Pistol. See you soon!

Blush Face

Allie Smith +
Chris Carreon +
Drew Barnocky


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