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When & If

When & If is an 83’ Alden schooner, commissioned by General George S. Patton in 1939. Her name is attributed to the quote, "When the war is over, and if I live through it, [my wife] Bea and I are going to sail her around the world.” With General Patton’s death in December of 1945, it was unlikely that When & If would ever fulfill her original purpose. But in 2012, Doug Hazlitt (known for his complete restoration of another historic Alden schooner) purchased the vessel with the mission to restore her to her former glory. With enough support and sponsorship, the Captain and crew intend to make General Patton’s dream for his sailboat come true. As Patton’s will requested, they plan to repurpose the vessel for sail training and education by taking on apprentices along their journey and donating a portion of their proceeds to a sailing scholarship program.

North Wind

The North Wind schooner is an Treworgy 57' Schooner operated by Gloucester City Sail, Inc. a non profit organization. Their primary purpose is to offer youth of the area with maritime learning opportunities. The North Wind servers as a schoolship, allowing students from local schools to have the opportunity to learn about the maritime world, presenting them a pathway for future educational and job opportunities.

AJ Meerwald

The Bayshore Center at Bivalve operates the 115' schooner A. J. Meerwald, New Jersey’s official tall ship, as an experiential classroom and flagship for the Delaware Bay. This authentically restored, 1928 Delaware Bay oyster schooner sails from her homeport of Bivalve, New Jersey, once known as the oyster capital of the world, and makes annual visits to cities and coastal towns throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and occasional special trips into the Chesapeake and the Northeast Atlantic Seaboard

America 2.0

Scarano Boat Building took sailboat design to the next level by combining more than 35 years of naval architecture and marine engineering experience, plus the latest technologies and materials, and putting them all into the 105' Gaff schooner, America 2.0. She features shroudless carbon fiber spars, a two part hull with a removable, aluminum deadwood section for water and fuel tanks and also features electric motors for propulsion. Her hull is constructed out of an end-grain balsa core, sandwiched between two layers of Port Orford Cedar over wooden laminated frames, an aluminum cabin structure with integrated mast supports, and bullwarks and cabin soles constructed out of plascore, an aluminum honey comb material, for improved strength and additional weight savings.

Thomas E. Lannon

The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon was built in 1997 in Essex, MA. The Thomas E. Lannon is named for owner Tom Ellis’ maternal grandfather,
who fished out of Gloucester from 1901-1943. The Lannon was designed by Capt. Harold A. Burnham, whose family has been building boats in Essex since 1650. The ship’s lines are based on those of the Gloucester fishing schooner Nokomis, designed by Capt. George Melville McClain in 1903. Thomas E. Lannon is a family owned and operated vessel that focuses on keeping the history of schooners and the Gloucester fishing industry alive by taking people out sailing to give them a first-hand experience.



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