Ross The Boss, Ethan Brosh, Old James

Ross The Boss

Ethan Brosh

Brewed in Heavy Metal and distilled in Rock 'n Roll, OLD JAMES is a Canadian rock band that combines their history of Heavy Metal with their passion and love of Rock 'n Roll. The roots of the band come from a strong bond between brothers and dedication to family. At the young age of 17, Brian Stephenson (Vocalist) earned his experience by touring with renowned heavy metal bands Annihilator and Sanctity (Roadrunner Records). Chris Stephenson (Drummer), following in his brother's footsteps, at age 18 joined Cauldron, earning him a JUNO nomination in 2012. He later joined Skull Fist and toured extensively in Europe, Japan and South America, gaining high-intensity, professional live show experience. Introducing a new member Jon Ublansky (Bassist), gives the band a fresh funky and technical perspective which showcases his enthusiastic character. Combined with the ingenious mind of Andy Thompson (Guitarist), offers his eclectic, energetic spirit as he paints the melodic colour and vibrance of the music, altogether completing the OLD JAMES family.
Best known for their energetic live performances and uncompromisingly honest lyrics, OLD JAMES compares their sound to the likes of the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What makes OLD JAMES unique is not only their ability to fuse together various genres such as heavy metal, jazz, blues and funk, but also their strive to bring back the mystery that was once Rock 'n Roll.

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