Young Jesus Wednesday Residency

Young Jesus

Looking to sell the rights to all our songs FOR CHEAP asap. Will sell in exchange for PR (public relations). Young Jesus has played prestigious venue Viper Room and even more prestigious venue Staples Arena for the Los Angeles Lakers and various rock concerts. Come to a Young Jesus show and you will feel like you are on a cruise with a famous rock band playing for you live. Yes, the ocean and various graceful creatures within the ocean at your fingertips, all while seeing rock or jazz, live.

Eric Shevrin- Keys/ vox
John Rossiter -guitar / vox
Kern Haug- Drums
Marcel Borbon- Bass

Media Jeweler

Media Jeweler arose as a veritable phoenix out of the ashes of a revolving-door big band following an unexpected but celebratory funeral pyre supporting A Hawk and A Hacksaw in LA. Calls were made and within two weeks a leaner and decidedly meaner entity emerged, outlook fresh.

2 years later, "$99 R/T Hawaii" aims to capture the relentless restlessness of being alive on this increasingly weird and overstimulating planet. It was recorded and mixed in a casual and really quite nice three-day session during the dawn of spring at Machines with Magnets by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza (Battles, Lightning Bolt, etc.). It was mastered a week later by XOQ (Liars, Factory Floor, Martin Gore, etc.). The mood varies drastically on each of the seven tracks that make up the narrative of the album. We celebrated its completion with a few dozen jello shots at the local watering hole where we witnessed a man with a voice like crushed charcoal yell and storm out while Kid Rock's deepest cuts droned.

Please note that MJ prefers to be referred to as a Rock Band full-stop, jubilantly taking into consideration all the trappings and tropes associated with Rock music. The nuance lost with the variety of modifying adjectives that can precede "Rock" is priceless.

While the underground and DIY music zeitgeist seems to be shifting to the more de rigueur palette of cold synths and hot beats, the poor guitar seems often to be seen as a vestige of something that has seen its moment in the sun and belongs on a wall or in a dumpster. Perhaps it does.

We embrace this. Everything always must come full circle; inversion is key in development, and moving forward is all that one can do.

Sometimes it takes a post-human character to stir the humanity in
a citizen of the 21st century. Sometime there's no better role model
than a woman in a wig, pointing down the path of righteousness with
big, caricature-ized gestures. Louise Chicoine's alter-ego BANNY GROVE
burst onto the scene in 2016, like a toon ripping thru the thin fabric
of Los Angeles reality, and immediately found a devoted following of
fans who uphold the fictional diva as some kind of messiah of loving
neighborliness, or the Mary Poppins of DIY. Her debut full-length Who
Is She? introduced Banny's uniquely candid vocal delivery, that skips
between talky honesty and operatic ebullience, and her palette of
punchy 80's drum machines and glittering, artificial,
Nickelodeon-esque synth patches. Guitarist and synth player Peter
Nichols's arrangements include sections of Prince-ly funkiness and
Elfman-y goofiness, as well as a healthy dose of the odd-metered prog
futurism we came to expect from his prior outfit Grape Room. In her
first year on Earth, Banny has played more than 100 shows in 8
countries. Wherever she goes, she flies through the scene with the
untiring energy of a person who's not the least bit confused about her
purpose as a songwriter, a performer, and (as co-founder of Nicey
Music) a culture-shaper: simply to spread the law of kindness as far
as she can.


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