Suno Deko and Friends ft. Zach Tetreault, Cyrus Gengras, Alex Somers, and Julianna Barwick

Suno Deko is the experimental-pop project of poet and musician David Courtright. The name stems from David’s experience working for an Indian painter in New Delhi, India. What he believed were terms of endearment for him were actually the artist’s commands to him to listen (suno) and look (deko). These came to represent reminders to be open, present, and attentive. Today, Suno Deko is a call to vulnerability, to living openly with love, fear, and free expression in a world that still prizes rigid notions of masculinity. It is an extension of his own process of discovery and acceptance of his identity as a queer body in a world that doesn’t always make space for it. His self-titled debut album, Suno Deko, trades the tightly-wound looping structures of his 2014 Thrown Color EP for more lush, orchestrated arrangements. Originally from Atlanta, and now residing in Brooklyn, he’s toured with Hundred Waters, Mutual Benefit, Julie Byrne, and How to Dress Well.

Julianna Barwick

Julianna Barwick is a composer and vocalist who crafts ethereal soundscapes built around loops and layers of her voice. Barwick began recording in 2009 and has since released several collections of songs and full-length albums, most of which are entirely vocal-based, including: Sanguine (2009), Florine (2010), The Magic Place (2011), Matrimony Remixed (2011), Nepenthe (2013), and Will (2016). In the absence of definable lyrics, her music is driven by melodic vocal overdubs and vocal percussion. Originally from Louisiana, Barwick now lives in Los Angeles.

Cyrus Gengras

$10.00 - $12.00


Suno Deko
Julianna Barwick
Alex Somers (Sigur Ros collaborator/ composer)
Zach Tetreault + Tray Tryon from Hundred Waters
Cyrus Gengras

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