Arran Fagan & Co. "Weight Of Time" Album Release Show

Arran Fagan

A product of the grassroots music movement of Southern Oregon, Medford artist Arran Fagan has spent much of his life pursuing music, working his way into the northwest folk scene by playing countless house shows for college classmates and opening for local favorites like HorseFeathers, Kris Orlowski, and Jeffrey Martin. In 2015, Arran recruited fellow students Jack Pfeffer and Jonathan Wiley, and the three worked to perfect their sparse, melodic sound. Fueled by introspective lyrics and nostalgic melodies courtesy of the intimate combination of viola, bass, and guitar, his music explores themes of loss, growth, and the passage of time.

Nourished within a community of music and art, Melaiah Echo was able to develop her craft naturally. Making her debut in Southern Oregon performing at the age of 15, Melaiah found her voice as an artist. With a specific vision in mind, she moved North where she was able to build momentum amidst the Portland music scene. In the Spring of 2017, Melaiah was able to find the like minded people she needed to help mold her aesthetic and sound into the new band anomelea. With the band complementing Melaiah's soft brooding vocals they are best described as shoegaze country, desert blues. Anomelea specializes in dreamy sounds and getting to know your nightmares, as their music invites the listener to partake in an ethereal experience.

Jeffrey Martin

As a babe Jeffrey Martin sought out solitude as often as he could find it. He's always been that way, and he has never understood the whole phenomenon of smiling in pictures, although he is a very happy guy. One night in middle school he stayed up under the covers with a flashlight and a DiscMan, listening to Reba McEntire's 'That's the Night that the Lights Went Out in Georgia' on repeat until the DiscMan ran out of batteries. That night he became a songwriter, although he didn't actually write a song until years later. After high school he spent a few years distracting himself from having to gather up the courage to do what he knew he had to do.

Eventually he found his way to a writing degree, and then a teaching degree. He wrote most days like his life depended on it, all sorts of things, not just songs, but songs too. He fell in love with teaching high school English, which was fantastic because he never thought he'd actually come to truly love it. His students were fierce and unstoppable forces of noise and curiosity, and for all that they took from him in sleep and sense, they gave him a hundred times back in sparks and humility..



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