The Theory

The Theory

The Theory will tantalize your musical senses with their unique Rock and Blues.

The Messengers

The echoes of the village drums penetrate the dancer’s psyche and operate in profound ways-familiar and mysterious," says Onye. "When people drum, laugh and cry, sing and dance together, they heal and feel joyful. Optimism is renewed! " Onye brings the soul of African Culture to celebrations and teaching. He blends the best of traditional culture and modern life styles in his work with individuals, organizations, and the world.

Sonic Steps

The Sonic Steps formed in 2014 after founding members Trevor Atashkarian (vocals/bass) and Gus Sandage (lead guitar) relocated to the Bay Area from Santa Cruz, CA. After a couple of years spent jamming, recording and playing in streets and on stages up and down the coast, the core of the band was finalized in 2016 when high school friend Anthony Gordon (drums) joined the mix. With this new formation, the band was finally able to create the music Trevor and Gus had been dreaming about since they were high schoolers making noise in a garage. Now the Sonic Steps want you along for the ride as they bring their signature sound to the masses!



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