Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison

rld that is aheightened version of the mundane reality we live in day to day.”Glover’s new EP carefully treads the fine line between stylistic uniformity with hisprevious material and fresh yet subtle innovation. “I wanted the new songs to be anevolution in sound while still maintaining consistency from my previous releases,” hementions. “I feel, from playing these songs live with my band, that they seem moreemotive and immediate than the previous material I have released as Penguin Prison.”

Part of this has to do with the aforementioned political climate; the rest, from his desireto write from a less objective point of view, or to stop avoiding being overly personal. “Icollaborated with my bandmate Benjamin Grubin (formerly of the band Hockey) andproducer Andy Seltzer,” he says about the EP’s lead single and namesake, “Turn It Up.”“I came up with the chorus with Ben in my studio and fleshed out the rest with Andy athis studio in Brooklyn. [The track] is a response to all of the troubling things happeningright now—trying to remain positive and encourage other people not to give up.”When it comes to live performances in 2018, Glover will continue to push hisshows’ boundaries. “I am trying to bridge the gap between the DJ world and the liveband world,” he says. This is because, unlike many other electronic artists, Glover canperform either alone or with others. “Sometimes people get confused that I perform as aband and also as a my DJ sets, I sing my own songs and go into the crowd soit’s more of a live performance, and I try to treat my live band sets as more of a DJ setkeeping the tempo of the songs in mind and piecing them together the way a DJ would.”The goal of these shows, on an artistic level, is to manifest “an atmosphere where amoment can be created which would never be able to exist in ‘real life.’” But on apersonal level, an audience is simply a way to gauge the response to his music IRL, aswell as for Glover to enjoy himself. “Happiness and success happen when I am in theprocess of making a song that I am excited about and then again when I am performingthat song to an audience that seems equally as excited as I am.”Turn It Up will be available as of February 9th via Act Normal Music.

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