Susan w/ Honey, Salt & Blood, The Downstairs Mixup

Formed in a Los Angeles garage in 2012, guitarist Jessica Owen, bassist Beth B and drummer Katie Fern have been creating hook-driven songs with layered vocal harmonies ever since. Inspired by the likes of The GoGo's and The Primitives, the power-pop trio combine just the right amount of jangle, reverb and driving rhythm to dispense three-minute sweet tarts that are sure to get stuck in your head. Their debut LP 'Never Enough' was released in April 2016 on San Diego's Volar Records to much acclaim. Their follow up EP, 'Tv Girls' is set for release in December 2017 and not to be missed.

Honey Salt & Blood

Honey, Salt & Blood is a rock n roll power trio. Slippery and swinging, yet hard to put down, like a hand-made zine one may find in the woods; the inevitable result of three beat up, bent but unbroken veterans of the scene wars.
Honey: Sarah S. (Cherry Rodriguez, The Dishes, Camaro Rouge, Good Bad Vibes)
Salt: Ben R. (The Deuces, Bacchus D, Good Bad Vibes)
Blood: Chris W. (Ovideo, Good Bad Vibes and dozens more indie bands, secret projects and conspiracies)

The Downstairs Mixup

A pop-up store slinging joy for free.
No history, complex mystery.
Seen to be believed.


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