Henry Hall Residency with jdv plus & Rachel Toups - Free Show

Henry Hall is not particularly cool, but he's not particularly uncool either. He's caught somewhere in between and can probably be summed up as... well, just weird. Luckily, this weirdness manifests itself in the form of Hall's signature anxiety-tinged alternative pop. Featuring his captivating falsetto paired with his witty, idiosyncratic lyrics, Hall's music is self-deprecating and soulful, as if The Smiths met Prince. Underneath Hall's tongue-in-cheek words and moving melodies are alluring guitar and synthesizer textures, which compliment his infectious vocal harmonies in a way that evokes Grizzly Bear and Mac Demarco. At age 10, Hall began writing songs about being 10 years old and how his friends didn't like him. Now, at age 24, Hall lives in Los Angeles and writes songs about being 24 years old and how his friends don't like him.

After graduating from Wesleyan University in 2014, Hall moved to New York City to play live shows and craft My Friends Don’t Like Me, his 2016 EP release. The project started to garner some attention online and eventually landed a placement on the Judd Apatow produced Netflix series, Love. Since the release, Hall has moved back to Los Angeles to focus on writing and recording his debut album. Look for Hall to continue to refine his disturbingly funny and catchy brand of indie rock on his forthcoming release.

jdv plus is a multi-talented artist whose emotive brand of pop-oriented R&B submerges you into the space between desire and action, between reflection and confession – where palm trees and massage chairs surround a neon-lit dance floor. Like a nighttime drive, his music relaxes the senses and arouses the mind, fusing reflective lyrics with lush production that draws influence from forward-thinking pop, hip-hop, and R&B.


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