Will Spottedbear

Will "Little Billy" Spottedbear grew up fast and weird on the mean streets of Pittsburgh-- which has certainly provided an unusual perspective on life. Having survived inner city public schools, the Middle East, and his uncommonly eccentric family, Spottedbear credits the Air Force for developing his lethal sense of humor. After serving in the Security Forces, he left the military in 2008 to pursue a career in comedy. Since then, Spottedbear has been honing his craft in the Midwest, where sarcasm and cynicism are foreign languages. His insights and observations, which come from living in many different cultures, are hilarious and often insightful. He tackles quite serious issues with a wit and ease. Even the most unforgiving subject matter are no match for his casual style and sharp demeanor. With a no-holds-barred approach that is wildly entertaining, Spottedbear's brand of comedy is always well-received. Appreciated by a range of audiences and always a favorite, Will Spottedbear has a loyal fan following and is sure to make you laugh... And think.

Ron Lamprecht

Ron Lamprecht is a father, son, spouse, Veteran, comic, and functioning pessimist. He’s been touring the country working with Louie Anderson, Bobby Slayton, and several of comedy’s heavyweights.

He’s white-collar by day and wine-collar by night. A favorite of military bases and clubs all over the country, Ron will take you dancing and leave you laughing.



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