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Glen Gerard

Inspired by the classic Tony Curtis movie "Houdini" at age ten, Glen Gerard knew he would someday entertain audiences nationwide with his unique brand of humor and magic. Integrating comedy, sleight of hand, and outrageous audience participation, Glen is a comic-magician who is truly funny. Glen has appeared on AMC’s “Freak Show”.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin this comedienne who happens to be African American refers to herself as a “chocolate blonde.” Nola J (for last name- Johnson) traded in the corporate world of airlines business and banking as well as her last name… Now, the “J” is for jokes. Nola J pokes fun of herself when her actions, those of an educated woman, seem quite dingy. She likes to call herself out on” the not so smart move;” hence, she is a “chocolate blonde.”

Nola J is convinced that life’s bewildering chain of events happen to “only me,” but people throughout the country have been entertained and laugh hysterically by how much they can relate to her funny reactions to the world.

For the past decade, Nola J has been touring Las Vegas to Los Angeles and back to the Midwest again, playing comedy clubs and casinos and studying sketch comedy at Second City in Chicago, IL. She has opened for many acts but loves working with the comedian Sinbad. Nola J comedy is clean but can be suggestive depending on the crowd.

Her all time favorite influence and “love to meet star” would be Whoopie Goldberg to pick her brain for everything comedy, all the while sipping wine, pondering life and shopping at Costco. Her other influences have been Richard Pryor, Carol Burnett and Jerry Seinfeld.

Nola J has been around showbiz her entire life as her father is Legendary Little Richard’s saxophone player.



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