Mark Shelton and The Greater Good

Mark Shelton and The Greater Good

Honest.... Authentic.... Genuine. These are the words that begin to describe the songs and stories of Mark Shelton. As a songwriter, he pens lyrics that stir emotions and cut to the heart of the story, then couples them with music that add to the feeling of the song. Whether a stark and simple song about the real life situations that we all go through, or the rousing, almost raucous style of good times and, sometimes unfortunately, the morning after consequences, Mark's main objective of his music is summed up in one simple statement: "Make 'em feel it".
Mark is simply a product of his Southeast Oklahoma raising. Scratch and work for every thing you get, hold on to the ones you love and, if necessary, fight for what you believe. While vocal and open on stage, he remains appreciative and humble of any and all of the frienships and praise made or given. Mark grew up with fishing gear or guns, anything that could get him outdoors, close at hand. Everything from bass fishing, trot lines, and fish fries, to shotguns, huntings dogs and good pocket knives has been and remains a part of him, and is plainly reflected in his music.

Mark is a "late bloomer" as far as songwriting. Having not even learned to play guitar until his mid twenties, he spent most of his youth as a jazz musician, earning a full scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma State University. With that background, he picked up not only the guitar, but also the bass and mandolin. He didn't write his first song until age thirty, opening a floodgate of creativity, penning over thirty songs that first year. Knowing location was a hinderance as far as performing original music, he soon found himself taking his gifts to Texas. Doing so, he won the Rusty Wier singer songwriter competition, winning out over not only artists that he considered friends, but also artists that he looked up to as songwriters and performers.
Mark still lives in Oklahoma, claiming that "bend in the river" is a source of inspiration, but finds himself increasingly southbound, bringing his talents to the eager and appreciative ears of fans and friends across the river and to points beyond. Whether intimately performing to a small crowd with nothing but his six string guitar, or burning the dancehall down with his band, "The Greater Good", Mark definitely does one thing above all else..... Hold nothing back!


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