Soldiers of Suburbia "Depressed Stormtrooper" Album Release Show

Soldiers of Suburbia

Soldiers of Suburbia is a 2-piece Emo/Punk band from Haymarket, VA. Founded by lead vocalist/guitarist Tyler Plazio, they have successfully taken over the DMV area, playing such venues as 9:30 Club, Rock N Roll Hotel, and Jammin’ Java most notably. Along with John Brooks (Drums), a Soldiers of Suburbia show is unlike anything you have ever seen. Full of adrenaline, excitement, and emotion. Soldiers of Suburbia is something you need to see to believe. #SOSorDie

The Offbrands

The OffBrands consists of 5 unique individuals that blend into a solitary consciousness through nonsensical soundwaves creating an aura of infantile maturity and of course, vibrant renaissance. Also we play rock music.

Vice Years

Operator formed in 2012 when a canister of ooze slipped through an opening in the street and into the sewer. There it was discovered by Stephen, Andy and Cameron. The three played in the ooze, unaware of its secret and devastating power. Before long, they had grown to 10 times their previous size and had gained the ability to rock like never before. Under the direction of their Master Sensei like influences, the group set out to rid the streets of lame rock bands one city at a time. Oh, and they really like pizza.

Advance GA $10 | Day of GA $15 | Premier Plus $25


• Full dinner and drink menu available

• The Premier Plus section is a raised area with great views and reserved seats and tables. There is a dedicated server for faster service

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