Stoner/Psychedelic Rock band formed in 2005 in Hiliomodi, Korinthos, Greece.
In October 2011 they toured Europe - played 25 gigs in 12 countries.

Telekinetic Yeti

Telekinetic Yeti is a two piece Stoner Doom band from Iowa.

Band Members:
Anthony Dreyer - Drums
Alex Baumann - Guitar, Vocals


Imagine the Foo Fighters and Muse stuffed in an underground studio during the "nuclear holocaust" with nothing but Weezer and Radiohead albums to session - yeah, I'd like to be fly on that wall too! Now you can, thanks to SixTwoSeven. Delivering the attitude of an Underdog and the punch of a Champion, SixTwoSeven's chunky guitar riffs, charismatic vocals, and emotional solos are the most beautiful ass whoopin' your ears ever took.


Eroder is a band from Seattle, Washington that plays heavy rock and roll.

$14.00 - $17.00


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