AM Radio Hits, Ray Argyle, Emily Molloy, Joshua Wood

AM Radio Hits

With influences covering the entirety of the AM radio dial (or spectrum), this band can't quite be pegged.

AM Radio Hits, a trio from Southern California, jam all of their musical inspirations into their own unique vibe of what they've coined "Upbeat Heartbreak" - ( rocka-surfa-punka-country-billy ) .

Playing all originals all the time are:

Sonia Sanchez on vocals and upright bass

Dan Leahy on vocals and guitar

Denise Saffren on drums

Presently residing in Los Angeles, California, Ray Argyle is a singer/songwriter who’s been honing his craft for the last 10 years or so in various bands and recording projects. Currently he is the main songwriter and singer of Los Angeles area band Sunken Ships as well as contuining to record and perform as a solo artist throughout Southern California.
In his songs, Argyle’s haunting vocals float prominently at the forefront of the music supported by minimalist compositions that convey an implied grandeur. The songs are varied in style, fusing a wide spectrum of influences spanning the singer/songwriter tradition, most reminiscent of artists such as: Morrissey, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith. Yet, the songs retain a voice of their own, characterized by Argyle’s swooning vocal style and his intensely introspective lyrical content.
After the release of his “Currency” EP in the Fall of 2009, Ray went on a solo tour through the Pacific Northwest making stops in San Francisco, Sacramento, Eugene, Portland, Humboldt and several other towns along the way. After returning from the road he immediately got back into the studio recording and releasing a second EP titled "Saving Grace" in the Spring of 2010. At this point Ray began a musical partnership with his friend and guitarist Joe Mullins and started the Los Angeles area band Sunken Ships in the summer of 2010. Sunken Ships incorporated some of Ray's more band-oriented material from the aforementioned Ray Argyle Eps while also working on more collaborative ideas as well. Recently, in addition to working on music with Sunken Ships, Ray decided to record a full length album to document all of the material that was not suited for a band such as Sunken Ships. This body of work became the album entitled “The Dust Collection” which was self-released in December of 2011 and is available online at, iTunes and other online purchase points. There is much to come in 2012 from Ray Argyle and Sunken Ships. Stay tuned!

Emily Molloy

Joshua Wood

From Vancouvers indie-punk outfit Devil In the Wood Shack and co-creator of Eleven Windows; Joshua Wood stands alone for the first time. With songs of reconciliation and dark truths of his past to upbeat triumphant ballads all buried deep in acoustic rhythm, poetry and the mystery that envelopes him.



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