Laura Jean Anderson

(Solo Set)
Laura Jean Anderson, born in Olympia, Washington and now residing in Los-Angeles, is an artist stretching the boundaries of the human emotion. With one foot rooted in her love for old American music, she carries on the tradition of rock n roll while pushing the boundaries of the places modern music can go. Her original music takes a firm twist on old rock n roll roots, offering an opportunity for a new sound, new wave, for this new time. Laura Jean's debut EP "Righteous Girl" is now available & full length record is coming soon.

TwoLips is a pop and R&B band based in Los Angeles California. Members include Kianah Stover, Josh Reinhardt, Mike Lemley, and Raymond Roosevelt. The group combines funky baselines, smooth rhythms, and seductively curious vocals to create nostalgia for a groovier time. TwoLips’ sound make them go-to's for indie, pop, R&B, and hip-hop playlists and lineups all over LA.

Born in the same year as the Sony Walkman, AINJEL EMME cut her teeth on a steady diet of cruisin’ oldies and classic rock, late night living room family jams, and 4 track recordings.

After producing and releasing two independent solo albums–HEARTACHE IS BORING (2003) and EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL (2011)–Ainjel’s insatiable taste for the studio overcame her and she wandered off the beaten path to study music production and audio engineering full-time. She began procuring session work in LA as a vocalist and topliner, which lead to assisting in world-class studios and studying under accomplished engineers. Eventually, AE branched off to co-found the multi-media creative partnership, BLOCK OF JOY. She now spends most days helping other indie artists make records in a small recording facility in East Hollywood, when she’s not working on her own projects and collaborations. Her passion is for supporting women-centric projects and cultivating a safe, productive space for female and non-binary talent to develop and flourish. She recently completed work on full-length albums by ALFA (Spark and Fury) and RIE DAISIES (Monstress), and has more exciting content in the pipeline for 2018.

Ainjel has had the pleasure of creatively contributing to a wide swath of projects, from guitar / vocals on the moody “Momma Sed” by PUSCIFER, to dreamy backgrounds on a track by The Voice alumni and fellow Austinite, NAKIA, to that damn Hello Kitty song, to three years on the audio production team for American Idol. She’s toured with an all girl AC/DC tribute on rhythm guitar, traveled around the west coast on bass with Grammy award winning songwriter and Train co-founder ROB HOTCHKISS, and hustled about the greater Los Angeles area on various instruments, with a small army of indie singer-songwriters. In her spare time, she hosts private workshops and teaches music, songwriting, and recording lessons to enable other aspiring music makers.



Special solo Laura Jean Anderson set for Badass Bands' first Shoot & Show of 2k18!

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