Los Troubadoux (8pm)

Los Troubadoux (8pm)

Los Troubadoux is a group of the world. With accordion, percussion, bass, and guitar together, it plays traditional and original songs, in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Creole and English, in the styles of Samba, Forro, Kompa, Carimbo, Son-cubano.

Lelo Lobo

is a native Brazilian who was exposed, since an early age, to all kinds of influences absorbed while growing up in Brazil, Africa and the US. From Bossa Nova, Samba, Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), and Forró among many others Brazilian music rhythms, Lobo has created a unique style of music. He performs original songs as well as his own interpretation of famous songs from many different artists. Leo moved to the US in 1997 and relocated to San Francisco Bay Area in 2003. Since then Lobo has played with a number of talented local artists, both as a percussionist and lead vocalist/guitarist. Music is his way of communicating with people. His songs range from ballads to upbeat dance pieces, drawn from everyday experiences, weaving in social commentary, and colored by a Brazilian outlook that makes his work very interesting!

Angus Martin (accordion, vocals, cajon)

He is a multi-instrumentalist whose musical capabilities include piano, accordion, guitar, drums and percussion, as well as singing and songwriting.
He has two studio albums under his belt, Presqu'ile (2005) and Le Demimonde (2008), both issued in partnership with Kale Kaposhilin of Evolving Media Network and released under the Soluna label in Kingston, New York.
While not making visionary multilingual studio albums he worked as a musician in New York City, and played in a wide variety of public and private venues with an equally varied cast of musical characters from a multitude of cultural and musical backgrounds, such as Cuban, Brazilian, Venezuelan, Haitian, West African, Colombian, American Jazz, Roots, Experimental and European classical.

While living in New York, Angus collaborated live and in studio with such artists as Marta Topferova, Los Acustilocos, Famoro Dioubate, Jenny Scheinman, Cumbiagra, and Jose Luis Martinez, only to name a few.
Since returning to his hometown of Sausalito 3 years ago, Angus has begun work on his third album, and is performing around the Bay with Los Troubadoux, as well as a solo performer.

Earl "BO" Freeman

Well-traveled musician, born in Texas; homegrown in the local San Francisco Bay Area, Bo's natural ability, the mastery of his style and technique on the bass are evidence of his weighty musical pedigree. Major European tours with Bill Summers as well as with Don Cherry and Multikulti were just a part of the voyage to new worlds of musical expression for Bo.
Bo's versatility has lit up stages performing with Peter Apfelbaum and the Hieroglyphic Ensemble, Coke, Pete and Shelia Escavido, The Freaky Executives, Able Zarate from the band Malo as well as Strictly Roots just to name a few. World beat, Latin, R&B, Reggae, funk, you name it, Bo is a multi-talented artist of all genres, be it bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals, composing; his skills are supernatural.



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