CHRISTMAS. THE CONCERT. featuring The Hendersons, Lindby, Doom Ghost

The Hendersons

Back in late 2009 or early 2010ish, Nolan was writing music for what would eventually become the album, Lotosyros. He approached Zach and asked him--"may I borrow your drums to record with?" Zach replied, "yes." Twenty or so minutes went by. Nolan came back to Zach and asked, "would you like to do this track for me?" Zach retorted, "absolutely."
...Thus, the Hendersons were born.
Six versions of bandmates later, and Nolan and Zach were joined by Kris Luther joined on bass, and Caleb Stanislaw on guitar.
And here we are.
We're available for most children's birthdays, old-folks home soirees, and community events.


Lindby is an Indie Rock Band based out of Fort Worth, TX with an eclectic sound ranging from rock to jazz to folk to classical. From fugues to funk, Lindby's got it!

Doom Ghost



The Hendersons, Lindby, Doom Ghost Christmas Show
$10 for the bands! Merry Christmas! 

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