The Adio Sequence, Sarah Wild, Fortune's Folly, Marsalis

The Adio Sequence

The Adio Sequence is an American rock band from Portland, Oregon. Originally formed in 2007, the band quickly became noticed for their unique blend of musical genres. With their catchy hooks, soaring vocals, and high energy performances, the band gained a massive following. By late 2008, the band released the LP “Follow the Sun” which blended hard hitting rock, tribal beats, melodic vocals, and rich harmonies throughout. The album was praised by fans for its clever songwriting and professional production. 2010 saw the release of the “Shine On” EP, which furthered the bands powerful sound but with a honed in sense of pop song writing.
In 2016 after several years on hiatus the band reunited and recorded the “Electric Body” EP. As with all their releases, the new music pushed into uncharted sonic territory for the group. With big dance beats, hybrid rock/R&B rhythms, funk guitar, and solid pop rock vocals, the slick EP put the band back on the map. With a successful CD Release Party and a sold out Project Pabst showcase at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR the band proved that they are once again one of the Northwest’s most up and coming acts!

Sarah Wild

If Led Zeppelin and Wonder Woman had a lovechild, that kid would grow up to be Sarah Wild. In a world filled with corrupt power and malicious deceit, this ass kicking siren would no doubt find herself fighting fire with fire in the streets and bringing justice for the forgotten to the powers that be. With her team, The Watch, she plots to use her own dark side to unearth the evil that lurks beneath the surface of the mundane, armed with superhuman vocals, doomsday-bringing bass distortion, and guitar riffs that shoot to kill.

Fortune's Folly

Fortune’s Folly is an energetic and dynamic four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Eugene, Oregon. Our mission is to create a passionate, accepting, and engaged community through music and performance. Fortune’s Folly owes its success to the incredible support received from fans turned friends. Our desire is to return that love and enthusiasm through music and create an atmosphere in which people can escape their differences and share their love for art and each other. The FollyFam, our ever-growing network of fans, includes people from all walks of life. Help us expand the community and create something much greater than ourselves. In a world that needs it more each day, let's provide an avenue for people to accept and appreciate each other through a shared love of music.

Being a newer group doesn’t mean they are strangers to the music scene. Lead singer, Dennis Zender, is most known for helping establish Seattle band Truce, a group that Adam Bishop eventually joined. Together they have extensive experience writing, recording, booking, managing, etc. Other music projects lead Adam to meet Theresa Cadondon. Their friendship and music partnership opened up more creative possibilities which led to writing different styles and playing with various artists in the Seattle area. Through multiple projects, Theresa and Adam consistently chose to play with their drummer of choice. Good energy came when the four started playing together. Marsalis started to sound like a mix somewhere between colorful pop rock with some brooding soul.



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