Groove metal band formed in 1994 in San Francisco, California by vocalist/bassist Steev Esquivel (who used to sing in the Bay Area thrash metal band Defiance) and guitarist Mike Roberts.
Years active: 1994–2003, 2007–present

Pissing Razors

Many of you as friends and colleagues know the details and real inside story our journey as PISSING RAZORS along with the many highs and lows we experienced along the way to bring our brand of music to fruition. Without the support from family and friends(some we've lost along the way to different paths and some we've lost back to the earth) we would have never been here. You always hear people say that but I sincerely mean it. Our journey has been a necessary one. One that proves with perseverance anything is possible. Four guys along with an amazing crew(Ben 'Benya' Allen Vallejo, Cesar 'The Duck' Polanco, Cesar 'Achmex' Soto, Rachel Martinez, Shannon Brady) from El Paso, Texas of all places gave everything they had to chase a dream. A place that when many speak of, yields a lot of negative but we definitely pulled some positive out of this city to say hard work can pay off and this is 'Where We Come From'. As our brother Cesar Soto stated, we have starved together many times for the love of music: both in the sacrifices we've made in our time away from family and loved ones as well as the many times we've gone without eating to get that extra gallon of gas to make the next show. I'm proud to say we will now look toward the future and leave the past where it belongs-- in our string of wonderful, sad, extremely funny and overwhelmingly shining moments and memories we've shared together. 2015 will hopefully see Eddy Garcia, Joe Rodriguez and myself(Mat Lynch) bring our supporters one of the best, heaviest and grooviest releases we can dig down deep for. It's long overdue I would say and we owe it to the people who have made our story possible…. PISSING RAZORS 2015

Shattered Sun

Shattered Sun is a metalcore band from the small town of Alice Texas, Reformed in 2011, Their style is heavy/thrash metal with incredible guitar riffs, vocal distortions and that magnetic raw appeal that allows them to create that maximum effect with every song, every time. They can sound brutal at times, but yet they have their melodic side to them. This can only be accomplished through talent and intelligence. They know what their audience wants to hear and they give it to them 100%.. They have the right lineup to deliver the brutal, yet melodic music that sets us apart from other bands. They take their live shows to another level by bringing enormous amounts of force and energy to any and every stage they perform on.



Violent Revolution

Thrash/crossover band based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Violent Revolution is a crossover thrash band combining the best of thrash, punk and crossover metal. Formed in October 2014. Current lineup consists of Don Funk -Vox and Guitars, John Gilleland - Drums and Matt Ward - Bass.

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