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It reads like the kind of story you’d see in an old rock rag or zine...Four lifelong friends from Northern California grow up obsessed with the sounds of AC/DC, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Bee Gees and Michael Jackson. Living within a block of each other since kindergarten, they began playing anywhere and everywhere with a stage by the age of 16, taking over supper clubs, parties, and backyard barbecues. After their single ͞Make It Real͟ cracked 2 million Spotify streams, they made a collective decision to forego college and trade their small Sacramento suburb for Hollywood, forming Vista Kicks in late 2015. Living together in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, the quartet—Derek Thomas, Sam Plecker, Trevor Sutton, and Nolan Le Vine—quietly ignited a buzz throughout L.A. and beyond with two full U.S. national tours under their belts and recording with Tommy Lee behind the board.Back in L.A., they’d sell out local shows and host intimate (and raging) booze-soaked ͞Vista Kick Backs͟ in the studio where they resided for four months. Within a year, the band’s independent 2016 Chasing Waves EP and additional singles generated over 5 million cumulative Spotify streams and 3.2 million YouTube views. However, everything set the stage for the release of their 2017 full-length, Booty Shakers Ball—self-produced by the musicians themselves and engineered by their guitar player and vocalist Sam Plecker.Best described as a smoked-out collaboration between James Brown and Jimmy Page, it bridges eras.͞This is ͚Booty Shaking Rock and Roll͛,͟ says Trevor. ͞We’re so far behind that we’re ahead; I don’t think there’s anything else like us out there. Every song is different and eclectic.͟͞We’re old soul millennials,͟ exclaims Trevor. ͞We’re young and wound up like everybody else our age, but our roots go deep. We’ve found an audience that’s just like us. It’s rock music that you can shake your booty to and party.͟That’s exactly what the first single and album opener ͞Gotta Get Away͟ offers. Hinging on bluesy and ballsy riffing as well as a simmering, soulful groove, the track opens up the world of Vista Kicks, treading a fine line between rock and funk.͞Lyrically, it’s about how ambition can get in the way of love,͟ reveals Derek. ͞It happens at any age. Art gets in the way of contentment and ambition—or vice versa. It’s a conflict.͟Elsewhere on the record, ͞Fight The War͟ turns into a rallying cry for anyone chasing a dream soundtracked by bold guitars and brash vocals.͞It was about our struggles in the business,͟ sighs Sam. ͞A couple of years ago, we were doing a lot of songwriting sessions. We’d go into these sessions, and we’d be told these songs aren’t good enough. We had fans saying just the opposite. We didn’t have respect from the industry; however, the people did respect us. We sided with our fans.

͞We put in our 10,000 hours since we were 16- and 17-years-old, that’s what makes our live show our strongest asset. It’s also where we have the most fun.͟ - SamIn the end, they will be heard in a big way as they invite everyone to the Booty Shakers Ball.͞I hope people know these songs are there for them,͟ Nolan leaves off. ͞Hopefully, the music is useful. We’ve benefitted so much from the music of others. We want to give something back with what we do.͟͞We don’t make an effort to be cool; we put all our efforts into being honest,͟concludes Derek. ͞When you hear us, we just want you to be yourself and enjoy the moment and the ride."

Kasador (Will Hunter, Cam Wyatt, Boris Baker, Nick Babcock, Angus Fay) are a 5-piece indie rock band from Kingston Ontario. Born out of a university town, Kasador brings the energy of a party to the stage and into the audience. This energetic stage show has captured the attention of fans and promoters alike, and has placed Kasador on bills with such Canadian greats as Walk Off The Earth, Lights, Arkells, July Talk, Wintersleep, U.S.S, and Current Swell.

On September 13th 2016, Kasador released their highly anticipated self-titled debut EP. Recorded at The Bathouse located just outside of Kingston with Engineer and Co-Producer Nyles Spencer (Half Moon Run, The Tragically Hip, Arkells, The Trews), mixed by Juno award winning engineer Dan Brodbeck, and mastered by Noah Mitz (Arkells, The Constantines, Broken Social Scene). The EP has had a strong reception, with radio play from The Edge (Toronto), CBC Radio 1 and The Drive (Kingston) with their songs 'Neighbourhood' and 'Talk About It'.

Undefinable Brooklyn band The Fluids are here to take a sonic poleax to the clean cut rock vibe that dominates their home borough. With their debut full-length, No Kidding!, flying high as their banner, they're storming the front lines of cultural trend-setting with ripping guitar solos and saddlebags filled with tequila sodas and calamari.

"We have the best pot," says lead guitarist and band (as well as actual) father Cooper "Keeper" Formant. They also have the best throat-mutilating rock and roll this side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Or any bridge for that matter.

The project was born from the premortal sludge that is post-collegiate malaise, unrequited lust, and endless consumption of reality TV. Intrepid songwriter Mike Tony (rhythm guitar, lead screams) and Nick "Demo" DeMolina (keys, background yelling) first joined forces at Fordham University to chase their dream of becoming iconic beat makers -- only to abandon their goal in favor of stop-gap careers that would actually pay the rent.

Trapped between corporate angst and the young stoner life (shoutout Young Thug), the pair regrouped some time later to take a different musical path, one that led in the direction of Talking Heads' unhinged art punk jukebox and Berlin-era David Bowie. Their shambolic skills were honed in a local practice space where they crafted songs around Tony's wild vocal inabilities, a speak-sing punch that rattles across shards of shattered eardrums. When a fellow patron of the rehearsal studio overheard the glorious ruckus being created by these audacious idiots, they were offered their first live gig. Completely unprepared and nowhere near a full band, they accepted the challenge.

Taking their no-wave thrashing and the indomitable spirit of a MasterChef Jr. contestant to the stage only strengthened their conviction that they were cooking up something special. So impressed with himself was DeMolina that he showed video of The Fluids' first performance to his co-bartender, Format. The older, more experienced musician was all set to take this young, meme-obsessed wannabe to task for what he was sure would be another mundane outfit from a city packed with the same. Instead, he witnessed a sweaty, magnanimous display of valorous rock where structure came as an innate byproduct of deranged instincts. And he wanted to be a part of it.

Formant brought his Zeppelin-esque riffage and stoned paternal nature to the band, sagely guiding them towards their full, furious potential. Finally whole, The Fluids entered 66 Rivington Studios in Manhattan's Lower East Side with producer Matthew "Pickles" Iwanusa of Caveman and producer/engineer/mixer Nico Chiotellis to record No Kidding!. Several years in the making, the record is the group's first step towards much larger goals, which include all-inclusive trips to Ibiza.

Armed with Audrey Hepburn quotes and a refusal to be defined as "crisp," The Fluids will claim this world for their own. You might as well get on board now while the choice is still yours. No Kidding!

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