Dixie Longate "Has No Instructions"

Dixie Longate

"Life was easier when things came with instructions. When you woke up from behind the dumpster after a healthy night of drinking, you knew what to do because things were laid out for you. Now, as the world gets smaller and life gets bigger, there seems to be no guidebook for how to get through. Join Dixie Longate, America's favorite Tupperware lady, as she makes sense out of it all. From the bedroom to the honky tonk, the church pew to the liquor store, she's doing her best to get through life by making it all up as she goes along."

"I was laughing too hard to breathe!"--LA Times

"Dixie is a Marvel! A Nonstop Adrenaline Boost!" --Theatermania

"Dixie is all smiles and Sweet sugar!"---Associated Press

"Pure theatrical bliss!" ---nytheatre.com

$15.00 - $30.00


Seat assignments begin at 6:00PM, Doors open for drinks at 7:00PM, Showtime at 8:00PM | When you arrive at Will Call on the night of the show, seats will be assigned first come first served, from the front of the theatre to the back. If you want to sit closer, be sure to come earlier. | NO LATE ENTRY * NO REFUNDS * NO EXCHANGES

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