Death To Genres. A call to action that GTA and their fans have been living and breathing since day 1. As a testament to this genres-melding mantra, GTA is rolling out a new concept for their live show that will allow fans to enjoy a more extensive death to genres experience.
Three distinct colors will represent a set of specific genres that GTA will be curating each night. Those colors are: YELLOW: Moombah, Club and World; PURPLE: House and Techno; and RED: Rap, Trap and Bass. GTA will dive deep into each of these genres, resulting in completely different and unique sets for every show.
Kicking off with a very intimate ‘3 Night Stand’ tour, GTA is set to perform a series of 3 nights in a row at 5 cities across the country this February and March. This tour brings GTA to smaller cap venues to showcase these newly curated shows. Always honing in on their undying commitment to creative expression and pushing both themselves and their fans, GTA continues to set high standards for their music and live performances.

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3NIGHTSTAND: Rap + Trap + Bass Night

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