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Geronimo Getty

Geronimo Getty started, like so many things do, on the side. Initially, the project served as songwriter Aaron Kyle's outlet for songs that didn't fit the sound of his rock band, Le Switch. When that outfit disbanded in 2012, Kyle turned his focus to Geronimo Getty, penning songs inspired by the directness he heard on records by Steve Earle, Guy Clark, and John Prine.

As for the people Kyle sings about on Geronimo Getty's full-length debut, Greyhound Blues, they're troubled, lost, and possibly murderous. Fittingly, Kyle and his compatriots — Christopher Harrison, Seb Bailey, Brian Soika, and Valerie McCann– soundtrack their stories with reckless force. The finished touches are melodic and twangy, but there's always an underlying urgency, captured mostly live by producer Jeff Halbert (Nick Cave, St. Vincent, Rickie Lee Jones).

"Los Angeles is blessed to be the home base of a handful of artists who make country music that doesn't sound like it came out of a food processor, and with the April 10 release of Greyhound Blues, Geronimo Getty ascends to the top of that heap. The 10-song tour de force marks the crest in a long road for singer-songwriter Aaron Kyle, who once fronted the under-appreciated swamp-blues outfit Le Switch before going full-on country in 2012." - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

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