Within Sight, Altered Revelations, Divine Intervention, A Nuclear Dream, We Are Wasted

Within Sight is an American hard rock band from Vancouver, WA. The band was founded in late 2012 by Grant Evans(Guitars/Vocals) and Steven Carlson(Guitars). In November 2013 Within Sight completed their lineup with Sean 'Shredder' Searls (Guitars), Sean Trenda (Drums), Jeremy Jordan (Vocals), and Jimmy Sandvig (Bass). In late August 2015, Jeremy left the band, but the band has continued to move forward with Grant, Trenda, and Jimmy taking over vocals. In late October of 2017 Sean "Shredder" Searls (Solo guitarist) stepped away from the band but was quickly replaced by Alec Echeverria (moved to Vancouver from Las Vegas).

Altered Revelations is a three-piece heavy metal outfit, and all member are multi-instrumental. Our music is centered around the premise of making cinematic heavy music. All of our songs are written to tell a story and put the listener into an atmosphere that more resembles a movie score than just a song.

Formed in Los Angeles, California in the summer of 2015, comes the hard-hitting and high-energy music of Divine Intervention. With melodic, heavy riffs, and rugged as well as catchy vocals, Divine Intervention brings a whole new energy to metal!

We Are Wasted



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