+Church+ is a Philadelphia based grunge/folk band started by Evan James Wall in 2006. As its main, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, the early days of +Church+ were nothing more than a personal escape from the world . Playing on a donated broken guitar in the bathroom of a one bedroom apartment on the edge of West Philadelphia, the project was an antidote to the everyday life of a construction laborer. Never writi...ng any songs out of purpose until a friend of his had come to a hostile point in their life. A victim of a reoccurring rape situation, the friend told the secrets to him one night. Evan went home and wrote the first +Church+ song as a gift for them and called it “Unstable”.
Throughout the next two years while playing drums for Mose Giganticus (relapse records) Bloody Wall of Gore, and JD Thompson(under producer Lou Adler) ten more songs were written addressing similar situations we are sometimes forced to encounter in life. Encompassing the first +Church+ Full Length "I Did A Horrible Thing To Meet You".

After the record was finished, Wall went through several versions of a live band trying to achieve a sound close to the record that he had just created. But after months, and several member changes he decided to try a different approach. He had experience playing as a hired gun and knew that it wasn’t as rewarding as being a part of the creative process. So during the next 6 months Wall built the new +Church+ from scratch. First adding Robert Perry (guitar) and then his brother Johnny “vomit” Perry(Drums) shortly after. The trio played 10 or so shows in the fall of 2010 without a bass player until adding Cameron Brindle. A unique songwriter that Wall had known throughout highschool and in music circles within the scene. The 4 played several shows in the winter of 2010 meanwhile writing new material as well as incorporating some of Brindle’s and Perry’s own songs into the repertoire. The band however was still missing one final element to round out the growing sound. Wall called in a former band mate and long time friend John Brogan to replace him on the electric guitar, while Wall resumed his original position on acoustic guitar. Finally the new +Church+ had been created and the band is currently working on a new record entitled “Gospel” set for release in Fall of 2011.


What started as an accidental meeting of musicians around a campfire has become a progressive bluegrass bomb that has exploded on the festival scene in the North East. By playing original music in an innovative style that is both experimental and familiar, HogMaw has quickly gained a reputation as something that you have to see first hand.

The Wounded Healers

The Wounded Healers are a six piece band featuring the voice and songs of Jess McDowell. Traces of vintage country, folk, and bluegrass give these songs a timeless feel. The band includes Philadelphia area musicians Jess McDowell (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jason Parish (lead guitar), Michele Lynn (bass), Billy Dominic (fiddle), JC Bell (mandolin), Justin Allen (drums).

Victoria Spaeth and The Spaeth Cadets

Combining elements of folk rock, soul, jazz, and blues with catchy, honest, and soulful lyrics, Victoria Spaeth and the Spaeth Cadets are taking the Philadelphia area by storm with their original and infectious tunes.

$8.00 - $10.00


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