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The Haves

Our name comes from the novel The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha where his sidekick Sancho quotes his grandmother saying, “in this world there are only two types of people- the haves and the have nots.” Our message is socio-politically aware with the mission to depict an inhumanity that manifests in various forms around us- one that can be overcome by those who diligently re-humanize themselves and their environment. We convey the often unrealized truth about the times; yet promote a brutishly optimistic mindset that only when one can recognize their chains will they be able to cast them off. A major influence comes from Paulo Freire's book Pedagogy of the Oppressed to highlight the origins of social inequalities that stem from structural issues. Our message uses a multivocal approach to be able to take on the personas of both the oppressor and the oppressed in order to demonstrate how ideologies function and also how both qualities can take form within the same individual. Above all we hope to shed light on the naturalization of domination. In other words, for there to be a “haves” there must be a have-not, otherwise there would be no basis for comparison to create your identity in relation to another.

Sonically, we are weird and loud and we riff like carnival zombies would; we riff musical envelopes into shreds. And then dissolve into a psychosomatic swirl of melody with floating-through-the-ionosphere style. With an in-your-face explosion of energy on stage we meld and weld diverse and dynamic styles to create a ridiculous burrito of noise that gives you the tasty fills.


Equal parts cold beer and hard rock, Decadence is a band that values the rock show experience. The band brings both a sound and a stage show that is relentless from start to finish. The music can best be described as a melding of hard/active rock and metal, and vocally most songs oscillate wildly between singing and screaming. Musically the sound is just as diverse, with equal parts haunting melodies, bone crushing riffs,and huge hooks. Decadence is a truly unique musical creature; it's impossible to explain in words... It must be experienced.


Since the release of their April 2014 debut EP, “Black Mountain Rain“, STARDOG has become one of the most anticipated bands in the Southeast. This South Carolina based rock group has shared their infectious sound with raucous appreciation and incredible support from fans all over the Southeast and beyond.

AJ Joyner- vocals/ Beau Long- guitars/ Jayson Moore- percussion
Mark Foy- keyboards/ Jimi James Agard- bass

Their debut EP- Black Mountain Rain is available now on iTunes, Amazon and many others. Songs like the title track “Black Mountain Rain” showcase the bands hard revving roots in rock and roll conjuring up visions of Rival Sons, Shinedown, Gov’t Mule and even some early 70′s Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. All done with the sonic blast of modern edginess.

The April 2016 sophomore EP release, “Lucky 13”, features the
FMQB Top 40 single “Fly Away” and 4 other raucous ramblings
of love and decadence ARENA ROCK style “STARDOG may be heard on internet radio stations around the world, with a
powerful blend of Rock and Blues that have catapulted them to new heights globally. They have developed a huge following overseas and all across the UK where music lovers are craving new beats from American Rock Bands.”
“UNLEASHED” Yvonne Day- ION Indie Magazine

“Stardog’s ‘Black Mountain Rain’ combines the power, grandiosity and shredding of classic ’80s metal with modern musical sensibilities.” Katherine Turman, co-author of Louder Than Hell and producer of Alice Cooper’s Nights with Alice Cooper” radio show.



$3 Surcharge at the door for those under 21. Cash only.

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