We Are The West, Erik Brock

We Are The West

A convergence of sound and space, Los Angeles-based We Are The West are dedicated song-stylists who have developed a uniquely immersive approach to performance. Brett Hool [voice/guitar] and John Kibler [bass/voice] formed We Are The West in a shipping container on a sheep farm in Holland, and began performing as a duo in an abandoned convent in Brooklyn, before moving back to California. Originally described as "a two-man orchestra of stunning vocals, meditative guitar, and exploratory double bass" [Albuquerque Journal], the group often includes an extended family of musicians with Elizabeth Goodfellow [drums/voice], Sylvain Carton [clarinet/saxophone], Ben Tolliday [cello], Joe Kennedy [keys], Paul Cox [organ], and Mathias Künzli [percussion].

Erik Brock

Erik Brock is a San Francisco singer-songwriter creating a genuine message of relatability and honesty through soulful folk lyrics and melodic acoustic guitar.



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