An Evening with Sara Groves and Bebo Norman

Sara Groves

Before Sara Groves debuted in 1998, she was a high school teacher in her hometown of Rosemont, MN. Through God's directing and leading, Sara left that job to persue what had been a joy and a passion of hers since she was a little child. Since the release of her first independent album, Sara has experienced many ups and downs in her walk with Christ that have ultimatly formed her into a stronger and more confident woman of God. As well, she has developed into a highly acclaimed and respected singer and songwriter.

Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman has crafted so many spirited songs over the years, yet his creative energy reaches new peaks on his latest release, Try. Bebo soaked up newfound inspiration and poured it into an album filled with honest, compelling music.

The Georgia-born performer celebrated his most successful album to date, 2002's Myself When I Am Real. The album topped Billboard's Heatseekers chart and yielded back-to-back Top 5 radio hits with "Great Light of the World" and "Falling Down." Bebo likewise joined the elite group of Dove Award winners thanks to his City on a Hill--Sing Alleluia hit "Holy Is Your Name." As the momentum mounted, he joined national headlining tours, hopped the pond for European dates, and graced the covers of CCM and Premier magazines. He even landed a coveted slot on the Imagine Tour with MercyMe and Amy Grant.

With fresh confidence, Bebo elevates his voice to new heights with Try. Among its many standouts, "Try" and "Standing in Your Silence" ponder how unconditional love inspires people to return to grace, while "Nothing Without You" considers the importance of God's central role in our lives. The new album also establishes a career first, as Bebo enlisted outside songwriters to help push his creativity without forfeiting his signature style. Equally significant, Bebo recorded Try with prominent producers Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay) and Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Imbruglia). Overall, the new alliances helped Bebo capture the simple beauty that resides in each song.

"Let's find out what the essence of the song is and build around that," reflects Bebo. "On this album you don't hear the production, you hear the songs, and that's what I like most."

Bebo strikes a balance with Try as the songs blend a pure organic energy with approachable pop hooks. Examples include the stripped-down "Finding You," the piano-and-strings filled "Drifting," and the serenely poetic "Soldier." Each song highlights Bebo's thoughtful lyrics and knowable voice, yet the singer reveals himself best in "Disappear." Inspired by a time of "getting away and quietly reevaluating who I am," the song reflects a personal experience that shapes the whole disc.

Looking back two years, Bebo diligently toured to promote his new release. Yet as he stood on stage saying how we are all the same, he realized it wasn't true--his fans got to go home to a handful of people, while Bebo simply went to another city alone. Bebo recalls, "I had let those moments on stage and talking to people after shows become the intimate moments of my life, the end all and total of me sharing my heart."

With so much continued success, Bebo had found little time to root himself in deeper relationships. Sensing the deficiency, Bebo "disappeared" into a quiet time of personal evaluation and emerged seeking relationships of depth. With new priorities the singer found fresh inspiration that overflowed into every area of his life. This growth opened the door, when he found the woman destined to be his better half, and the couple tied the knot last November.

Bebo clearly embraced the new challenges that came his way, and the album marks creative growth and the heart of an authentic artist. Filled with passion, Try portrays Bebo sitting in someone's living room pouring his heart out through song.

Jenny & Tyler

Jenny & Tyler met at the University of Delaware, Jenny and Tyler were both birthed in the musicSomali Families with diverse backgrounds, at a meeting during Jenny's beginner and Tyler's second year in college they developed a friendship based upon a shared passion for music, their different musical influences mesh to form a genre of music that is different from everything they grew up with to mix folk pop jazz rock and even a little country music they combine their fresh and unique sound with unconventional and soul-stirring lyrics in their debut album "A Prelude"


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