Cheryl Wheeler

New England is quite an inspirational place, especially for folk music; the natural foliage and relaxed-ness that you feel just inspires the best. Such is the case for Cheryl Wheeler, who is no stranger to producing country folk music, having been active in the music industry since 1986.

She is an absolute joy to watch, and no matter what venue you are at, makes you feel right at home. The whimsical lyrics of her songs like “Is It Peace or It Is Prozac?” take on much more meaning when you can hear, as well as the feel her emotions when you listen to the songs live. There is so much passion and she is clearly having tons of fun from performing live. You know as you watch her, that she does what she does because she loves it, not because it’s a job, or because she is in it for the money. It is truly about the experience. Between songs, she will always have something to say, usually an anecdote that leads to the inspiration to the song that she is about to play. She is extremely personable and by the end of the show you feel like you’ve become personal friends with Cheryl, something that you don’t get from all shows.

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