Goat Hill Massacre

Goat Hill Massacre

The Goat Hill Massacre originally started with Joe and Andre under the band name of "Once Upon Atrocity" in 2007. Over the years there have been many line up changes, several side projects each, and a seven year hiatus that included Joe spending three years in Nebraska.

In 2012 while brain storming for a new name The Goat Hill Massacre was uttered and has stuck ever since. Joe and Danielle moved back to Denver in the fall of 2014. Since the dynamic duo had problems with getting band members to stick it was decided Danielle, Joe's wife, would be the drummer for the band. She started with a five gallon paint bucket and a pair of drum sticks. That quickly evolved into a very tribal sound with two bass drums sitting up right like toms and a floor tom in the middle. There was also a female vocalist and a second guitarist that were apart of the project after Danielle joining, but they left for personal reasons making the band a permanent three piece.

In the Spring of 2016 after starting to book summer shows, Danielle decided to take on a full kit. Learning from a few youtube videos how to play a full drum kit between the end of April and mid June to accommodate a July debut. The very first show we played as a three piece was at The Pit Stop in Denver June 30th 2016 last minute to support Everybody Panic on tour with Hydraform and Rise As Legends. We've played at least once a month to finish out the year. Our first EP Morbid Dreams was recorder in November thanks to our Friends Saphyre Rain and mastered by Inficiers bassist and front man Simon.

In January it was decided to start looking for a second guitarist to fill out the band's sound. Several people were suggested and some auditioned, but none felt quite right. Anthony was the last to audition in February and we became a four piece.

Since then we debuted our second guitarist at The Whiskey for the FOCO MX music festival at the end of April, we released our EP at Moe's Original BBQ May 13th with Smack Factor, Sanity's Edge, and Infinite Conscious, and headlined The Moon Room at The Summit June 10th in celebration of our one year anniversary of playing shows together.

It's been an amazing year of writing and developing as a band and we're looking forward to what's coming over the next few years.

Heavy Melodic Music Makers, Hailing from Denver, Colorado. Currently booking shows!

Divine Torture

Divine Torture is a band a long time in the making. Since the beginning of time long. Since before dinosaurs were terrorizing other lil dinosaurs, We were there watching it all go down. We were the reason they went extinct actually. It was time to bring terror on a new species' ear holes. That's when we created man & took these hideous forms that you see us in as of now: Long hair swinging, ass scratching, lice infested, ragged clothes wearing "Metal Heads". That's right, WE were the ones who gave birth to not only a genre, but a lifestyle. With influences that range from the sound of skulls cracking as they kiss concrete to the bloody screams of angels getting picked out of the sky by troubled teenagers with rubber band guns wishing they were the reincarnation of Hitler, all the way to the visions a prepubecent boy being bent over a sheep with his under-roos hanging round his ankles waiting for the inbred farmer to pick which hole he will stick to the vision of Osama Bin Ladin's beard. Some would like to call Us troubled when in reality We're the furthest thing from it.
Divine Torture takes no sides when determining right or wrong. We are both wrong & right, but never wrong. We don't choose sides. We are pro & anti on everthing. From religion to terrorism, We are what gives all life. And you, you have no choice but to agree with Us, to like listen to & like Us. To love Us with all that is left of your blackened beat boxes you call hearts.
And if you have yet to be offended by anything you have read or heard come Us, then We have not yet done the job We have come here to do.


Slingfist is a funk groove metal band from Colorado with a new cutting edge crushing sound. Radio play Metal that will infect your very soul!


$10 Advance // $12 Day of Show


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