Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer (born April 30, 1976) is an American performer, director, composer and musician, most known as the lead singer, keyboardist and songwriter of The Dresden Dolls. Together with Brian Viglione, they released 3 studio albums and a live album, A Is For Accident: Collected Live Recordings 2001-2003. By herself, Amanda has released one solo album (Who Killed Amanda Palmer in 2008) and other compilation, live and cover albums. Accompanied by The Grand Theft Orchestra (Chad Raines, Jherek Bischoff, Michael McQuilken), she's released her most recent album, Theatre Is Evil.

She married writer Neil Gaiman in January 2011.

On March 2015, she started using Patreon as her main source of income and a better way of direct communication with her fans and community.

Jason Webley

JASON WEBLEY is a troubadour based in Everett, Washington. Beginning as a street performer in late ‘90s, Webley has built an international following for his songs and stories. Armed with an accordion, a guitar, a porkpie hat and a plastic vodka bottle full of pennies, he has travelled to over forty countries, performing everywhere from a former Siberian gulag to the 2014 TED conference.

In recent years, Webley has cut back on his performing to focus on other things, but he’s very happy to be joining his long-time friend and frequent collaborator, Amanda Palmer for this run of Northwest shows.


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