Science Buzz Cafe

Science Buzz Cafe

Science Buzz Cafe # 406
At HopMonk Tavern in the 'Abbey'
Sebastopol, CA
WEDNESDAY August 3rd 2016 • 7pm * $5

Luthier Renaissance: Guitars Since 1970's
Harry Fleishman, Luthier
Although it is not a precise date, the
seventies ushered in a sea change in the
world of guitar making. The level of
innovation and quality of work grew to new
heights, and a generation of young luthiers
created a worldwide renaissance in the
design, building, and playing of the acoustic
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and electric guitars and basses.
Interestingly, the North Bay was a cultural
center for this evolution.
Harry has been a musician, artist, luthier, and
designer of guitars and basses for both
individual musicians and guitar
manufacturers. He was the director of the
American School of Lutherie, and the less
grandiose Luthiers School International
(formerly Intergalactic). He has lectured on
topics of lutherie in Italy, Australia, China,
and Texas. You can find him at Free Range
Guitars on Main Street in Sebastopol.

Host, Daniel Osmer
(707) 292-5281
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