Beauty In The Breakdown

Beauty In The Breakdown

From the minute we're born sound presents itself and immediately it becomes one with us. It envelops our very essence and sets us on our journey ahead. We grow and take on shapes, colors and surroundings all of which are built through vibration of sound whether you can see with your eyes or feel with your body. It sets the stage for who we become and what we celebrate. It creates our happiness, our sorrows, our wonders and contentment. It's the fabric of who we are. Every person lives their own song each and every day. While doing so we continue to learn, fall, see, hurt, lose, recover, love, hate, rise and inevitably build our own soundtrack to every step that we take.

This IS Beauty in The Breakdown! It's a journey starting from birth and emerging into our now and present existence. It's a formulation of all that has inspired and even hurt. A wave which we ride that never ends. It continues to delight, excite and command attention without demanding it....this is our collective vision and soundtrack creation we call "The Movement"

Beauty In the Breakdown formed in 2015 creating their own take on percussion-driven electro pop. They are a new frequency on the music soundscape, fronted by world renowned percussionist Chastity Ashley, electro/rock guitarist Ian Alexander, Grammy winning keyboardist Tim "Sonix" Rouse, renowned bass sensation Alexandria Reyes and soul drummer Demetrius "Swaggy D" Williams.

The members of the electro pop outfit have had much success in their individual careers which brought their influences together ranging from Sade to Kaskade. This collaboration and formation has sparked a fuse in music that offers something dynamic and authentic.

The spark began with the International Percussion Queen, Chastity Ashley, (Duran Duran, Tom Morello, Cypress Hill), whom has now taken her talents centre stage in this formidable electro-pop outfit and the results have been electrifying.

Half a decade working with a ‘who’s who’ of rock & pop’s most successful musicians has enabled Chastity to absorb a unique range of influences that create an arresting brand of intelligent pop music. Debut EP “NEON” (2015) landed #40 on the Pop charts the week of its debut on iTunes and received rave reviews from Music Connection, who hailed Chastity's “Weapons-Grade" percussion effects, and earned them “Best Dance Song” in the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

This east-LA girl of Mexican/Apache descent radiates warmth and positivity in person even while overcoming adversity, so it’s no surprise that her music is bound together within an ethos of letting go of your inhibitions while connecting with those that inspire the best out of your soul. Beauty In The Breakdown have a contagious musical enthusiasm and consider it their mission to spread this message. Planet Earth could certainly do with positive authenticity and Beauty in The Breakdown are here to deliver.

The band has been off and running ever since their first debut show at The Sundance Film Festival playing alongside Skrillex and Iggy Azalea being deemed the Electro Pop Trendsetters in the press. Since, they have graced many festival stages including the LA Pride Festival alonside Ke$ha and Tinashe for an audience of over 20,000. They've sold out their own Los Angeles market such as the Teragram Ballroom and have toured everywhere between from Alaska to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Their newest summer single "Firebird" has been climbing the Spotify Charts landing on dozens of respected playlists and has received rave reviews from publications across the US and abroad such as Edm West Coast, AXS and All Access referring to Chastity as this generations Sheila E!

"I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Chastity, [her] boundless energy added an exciting and vibrant element to our shows and her expert percussion playing helped keep our audiences on their feet night after night. It's so great to see her coming into her own as an artist and sharing her music with the world. We're looking forward to hearing what she has in store!" -- John Taylor, DURAN DURAN

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