Curls is a band formed from various recording sessions in the Bay Area. What started out as the next step in Christopher Owens' storied solo career quickly became something more when he was joined by powerhouse musicians Cody Rhodes and Luke Baće while recording his next release. It immediately became apparent that a chemistry was felt and that each musician brought something unique to the musical canvas. By the end of the recording process the musicians had agreed to move forward as a unit and San Francisco's Curls had officially began.

Marion Belle has long been L.A.'s most whispered about cult star, releasing a decade of seminal anthems, iconic videos and touring with Weyes Blood, Sky Ferreira, and supporting The Lemon Twigs. With the release in 2017 of now sold-out Coverboy, an LP 3 years in the making, recorded in a "skid row penthouse," Belle & Fatal Jamz unleashed a new kind of pop opus exploding at once with thug swagger and palatial rocknroll glamour. Look out for big news in 2018.

"Belle's a spangly superstar with maddening dream pipes with a knack for creative fatally addictive jams."
- i_d

"Coverboy is a glam-rock Romeo + Juliet"

"When Marion Belle sings, its thrilling.”

“Suede fans take note.” L.A. Record

Gabriel Delicious

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