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Singer Songwriter and Producer. Debut EP in the works.

In the heart of the prairies of Northern Alberta Canada, amid the noise of farming and oilfield drilling, four young men came together with a dream. The dream was to launch a Rock ‘n Roll revival that would flood the nation like a tidal wave, with a sound inspired by that of their musical heroes of the fifties and sixties, but set on overdrive. While other kids were studying, getting into trouble, or wasting time, Drew, Travis, Alex and Derek were spending their nights locked in a remote garage learning their favorite songs from the Beatles, Beach Boys, and the Ramones.

After building the perfect repertoire they hit the road playing shows wherever anyone would hire them. It was at one of these shows where they caught the attention of Juno award winner Clayton Bellamy, also known as one-third of the Platinum selling group the Road Hammers. Without wasting any time, Clayton offered to produce them and within days they were writing and rehearsing. Producer/mentor Clayton brought in award-winning producer/mixer Scott Baggett (John Waite, Alison Krauss,The Road Hammers) to mix and engineer and the team’s momentum grew as they went on to make their first record. Recorded in Edmonton at the Sound Extractor studio and mixed and mastered in Nashville at the Electric Sandbox 1-2-3-FKB is reminiscent of some of the greatest names in Rock ‘n Roll. In a time when the loud and gyrating rhythms began to take the world by storm. Youth was what propelled the music then, and youth will propel the music once again, So holla with me… 1-2-3 FKB!

Shay Esposito is Canadian singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Canada. In addition to music, she is a poet and aspiring author.

While Shay continues to work on her craft, her songwriting has already received international recognition appearing as a finalist in the UK Song Writing Competition several times. She was named top 5 in the Slaight Music's "It's Your Shot" (for Canadian Talent) and has received several nominations for the Edmonton Music Awards.

Shay is also a humanitarian spending a great deal of time speaking to youth and educators to bring awareness to youth mental health in an effort to eliminate the stigma of metal illness.

"My goal is to promote mental health awareness as well as the role that music plays in battling it. I wish to share how music has changed my life in the hopes that it may in turn help others throughout theirs." - Shay Esposito



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