Valleyfolk Special Presentation

Special Presentation Show - No Coupons or Passes Permitted

The Valleyfolk is a comedy quartet made up of Joe Bereta, Lee Newton, Steve Zaragoza, and Elliott Morgan. They are the original members of SourceFed, a comedy news YouTube channel. They're four very different personalities who, when together, form something not unlike a four-headed hydra, devouring audiences and digesting them in their intestines of laughter and mirth.

Now, in 2018, they have reunited. Why? Because the world could use some friends right now. The Valleyfolk offers a style of comedy reminiscent of certain strains of cocaine. Their off-the-wall humor is irreverent, improvisational, and sure to make you go, "Hm! That was somethin'!"

The Valleyfolk are also veteran digital entertainers, having amassed a large following of like-minded people. Whether it's Joe's stories, Lee's sketches, Steve's songs, or Elliott's stand-up, their chemistry and skills will, as the kids like to say, bring the house down. We're joking, of course. Kids don't say that kind of cheesy garbage.

$25.00 - $61.40


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