Judas Priestess

Based in NYC, and featured on VH1's THAT METAL SHOW, Judas Priestess is the band with the 'buzz' and highly critically acclaimed. Everyone from actual members of Judas Priest to your average rocker instantly falls head over heels in love and in awe of their chops, showmanship and their hot new take on classic metal.

The band religiously packs houses and events with frenzied fans all over the USA. These girls are always a crowd favorite at everything from clubs and theaters to family events and festivals across the country. They recently toured California and Alaska, they annually headline Myrtle Beach Bike Week in South Carolina (at SBB 4 Corners and Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Cafe), The Indian Larry Block Party in Brooklyn NY, Dee Snider's Bikers For Babies, as well as various events for Harley Davidson. The band plays Hard Rock Cafes around the US and were even hired by LIRR/MTA to perform inside NYC's historical Penn Station on a weekday during rush hour!

The girls have opened for Twisted Sister and Pentagram, and have been joined onstage by John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Richard Christy (Iced Earth, Howard Stern show), Tony Harnell (TNT), members of The Bouncing Souls and Metal Mike (Halford, Sebastian Bach.) Judas Priestess has been featured on Global TV, in High Times magazine, Guitar World and Thrust magazine as one of the top female rock bands in the world today.


Tzimani is comprised of brothers singer, guitar and frontman Eddie Vazquez, and hard-hitting drummer Sebastian Vazquez, and have newly formed an original sound in the burgeoning New wave of American heavy metal revival, culminating sounds from the 1980s, i.e. Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe, and heavy metal legends Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

The duo has its origins playing in the Southern California metal scene, and contributed one EP, and one self-produced single that generated major buzz, and have opened up for touring acts Dead Horse Trauma, The Unit, Fear Control, The Anchor, Scarlett Canary and Faster Pussycat. With their recent departure from their previous endeavor, brothers Sebastian and Eddie Vazquez have embarked on a new musical project, with focus on twin guitar leads, melodic solos, catchy choruses and a sharp, but raspy vocal technique that will make you feel that you are in the middle of the 1980s heavy metal explosion.

Their debut single, “Get Me Out Of Here” contains all the elements consistent with the revival of the traditional metal sound, which a unique twist, featuring head banger heavy guitar riffs and fitted with a catchy chorus and melodic solo.

The band's follow up single "Final Hour" was a stark change in the band's sound, reviving the guitar solo epic, with varying grooves that will make your rock fists fly high in the air.

Tzimani is prepared to make its mark in the metal community with their first ever tour to come this September/October, supporting their demo containing Get Me Out of Here, Final Hour, and a never before heard track.


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