Nick Jamerson (of Sundy Best), Tyler Hatley

Nick Jamerson (of Sundy Best)

Nick Jamerson is a singer/songwriter from the commonwealth of Kentucky; Prestonburg, Kentucky to be exact. Yes Nick is and has been the vocal leader of Sundy Best. However; Jamerson's solo tunes are a different story from the same man. The Kentucky boy has grown into a man, and his new music from the heart reflects those changes. In this case change sounds good.

Tyler Hatley is the definition of what it means to be rural American in this day and age. The Denver, NC singer/songwriter hits on things that matter and that are relatable to the friends and family he's around everyday. Songs formed not only at time spent on the road to the next honky tonk show, tell the story of Hatley, but times spent making memories and forming them into songs that keep those memories alive is what defines Tyler Hatley songwriting.

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