From late Summer 2012, Moose Blood have been four dudes writing songs about relationships, friends, family and coffee drinking. A distinctly British twist on a sound that harks back to the glory days of Deep Elm Records and mid 90′s emo.

Having already played a bunch of shows with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, Broadway Calls and Gnarwolves, and a UK/European release through FITA records and Day By Day records, things are definitely moving quickly.

Whether expressing the vicissitudes of a romance run off course or finding one's soul deep inside his or her thoughts, Lydia crafts its sound with cadence approach that creates the equal allegiance to thunder and quiet found in Antleman's words, and further solidifies its place as the voice of today's indie rock generation. Lydia started out in 2003 as a five piece band: Leighton Antelman (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Steve McGraw (Guitar), Maria Sais De Sicilia (Backup vocals and Keyboard), Dustin Forsgren (Bass), and Loren Brinton (Drums). But now, Even Aranbul has replaced Forsgren, Mindy White with Dais De Sicilia, and Craig Taylor with Brinton and added second guitarist, Ethan Koozer. Debut album, "This December; It's One More and I'm Free" was recorded by the former members of the band and was released on September 27th, 2005 with the HourZero Records. The band (then Leighton, Steve, Ethan, Evan and Mindy White) released their sophomore album "Illuminate" to extremely positive reviews and gained a great following.

The band released their (at the time) final album, Assailants on July 20, 2010. They followed it up with the Goodbye & Farewell Tour in both the United States and Australia.

After a year long hiatus, Leighton and Craig have decided to write, record, and release a brand new album under the Lydia name in the summer of 2011.

$19.00 - $23.00


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