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The Current

OLDSPORT is a four piece folk-grunge rock band formed in LA, but from New York CIty. OLDSPORT was born out of the need to make music for an independent film I wrote and acted in entitled ELSEWHERE. The film is about a band and we had no money to license music so I recorded 6 of my own songs and essentially made an EP/soundtrack. People have said our music sounds like "penitentiary surf rock" but I dunno what the hell that means. Influences are Nirvana, Strokes, Dylan, Oasis, Elvis Costello, Prince. I think we kinda sound like Arcade Fire but with more balls, distortion and humor.

Electrifying keyboards, a powerful voice and percussion, and a dirty yet modern tenor sax sound with guitar effects, that's ÉMINA! Born in the island of Puerto Rico circa 2015 by Ama Rios, Alexandra Rivera & Janice Maisonet..."it's a "tour de force" fusing jazz, hip-hop, afro-caribbean and electronic music, making it's dancing beats as unique as the lyrics behind their songs".

Émina, met at the Conservatory of the Music of Puerto Rico while studying at the Department of Jazz and Caribbean Music. Some time after they started working with Popular artists individually, like: Tego Calderón, Robi “Draco” Rosa, Cucco Peña, Ileana Cabra, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Perico Ortíz, Charlie Sepúlveda, among others. Meanwhile they got together and brought to life the lyrics of their songs melting and blending together all of their experiences and turning them to beats. From then on they have been playing in and out of Puerto Rico. Recently they have been working in the first single, “ Una Flor”, of what will be their first album.



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