Astronaut Samurais

Astronaut Samurais

4 dudes who care too much but dont care reallly

Kilo Tango was created and is fronted by Katie Mitchell in Tallahassee, Florida. Her debut album \"Bummed Out Suns Out\" is a dreamy , catchy, feel good love letter to summertime and teenage years. It has been released on a subsidiary to Burger Records based in LA, Wiener Records. Her voice belts out on tracks such as \"Shark Attack\" in which she escapes from a make believe shark vs. girl scenario, and croons on \"Won't be Long\" yearning for summertime during the dead of winter as well as making tough choices between pizza and boys on \"Pizza Love\" and \"Long Hair Boy\"

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fighting the forces of all that is white, masculine and privileged since 6 months ago

The Plastic Jewels

The Plastic Jewels is a post punk, lofi, dream pop inspired project by J.Javier featuring various members on recordings and in LIVE performances from Lancaster, California.

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